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Bouquet ― TUTL
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SHD 44 - Hanus & Aldubáran \r\nBouquet is the result of a collaboration between outstanding musicians of two genres: Hanus G. Johansen, one of the foremost Faroese singers/songwriters today, and the dynamic Faroese ensemble Aldubáran. Together they have arranged and recorded a selection of Hanus' original songs to poems written by well-known Faroese poets.

Hanus G. Johansen (voc, g), Páll Sólstein (horn, p), Ólavur Jakobsen (g), Sámal Petersen (v), Andrea Heindriksdóttir (fl), Adama Simonsen (klarinet), Stamen Stantchev (p, synth), Edvard Nyholm Debess (bass, voc).