About TUTL records
TUTL is the leading record label, music catalyst and music hu in the Faroe Islands.

TUTL is the leading representative and distributor of Faroese music.

TUTL is an association collectively owned by musicians and composers.

TUTL was founded in 1977 by the Danish jazz musician and composer Kristian Blak.

TUTL is Faroese and means whisper, susurration

TUTL catalogue comprises over 400 releases, most of which have received national as well as international acclaim.

TUTL releases a wide range of musical genres - ethnic, folk, jazz, pop, rock, classical, choral, children’s music, country, gospel and more. 

TUTLartists About 100 artists have released within TUTL. Around 40 are active international. A majority of our signed artists are Faroese. Other artists are Icelandic, Danish, Estonian, Italian, German, Swiss and more. Recent years have shown growing artistic activity in the Faroe Islands.

TUTL artists on tour Our Artists tour widely abroad, particularly in Europe and in North and South America. 

Distribution Tutl releases are available digital through all major online music shops. Psysical worldwide through our webshop and through local TUTL distributors as far away as Japan. 

The TUTLshop is our headquaters, shop and a must see attraction for tourists, situated on the main street of Tórshavn, Capital of Faroe Island.  

TUTLdk The Danish marked is very lucrative and is often the first step for Faroese artists to go international. In 2009 we opened an office and remote storage in the Faroese House, Copenhagen. 

TUTLtouring  A vital step in the process of getting Faroese music spread to the rest of the world is the establishment of TUTLtouring. TUTLtouring consist of partnerships between TUTL and various European booking agents. The partnership gives the agent exclusive access to booking the best Faroese bands of the moment in her/his territory.

TUTL the Faroese music hub
These are our aims 

  • TUTL represents its artists and Faroese music in general
  • TUTL raises the profile of music, in and outside the Faroes.
  • TUTL provides a point of reference, support and advice on all aspects of the Faroese music and our signed artists from abroad.
  • TUTL encourages the professional and economic development of the music industry in the Faroes.
  • TUTL co-ordinates events and networking opportunities for those involved in the Music Industry in the Faroes and abroad
  • In relation to the music industry, to identify areas of need within Faroe Island and to encourage investment to address them.